The Effectiveness of Music in Grammar Teaching on the Motivation and Success of the Students at Preparatory School at Uludağ University

Zehra Ezgi KARA, Aynur AKSEL (25.06.2013-27.06.2013). 4th International Conference on New Horizons in Education, 2013


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of music in grammar teaching to university students. The study was conducted with elementary level students at School of Foreign Languages at Uludağ University. Two participating groups each composed of 19 students were selected randomly. The control group was taught in traditional methods without any use of audio materials. The experimental group was taught the same grammatical structure with the help of selected songs and class activities including singing with musical instruments. The data were collected through a pre-test and a post-test which measured students’ grammar competence. The test results of both groups were scored and compared. In order to evaluate motivation of the experimental group, a survey was conducted.

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